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Somatic warm up for conceptual work (August to October, 2015)

Somatic warm up for conceptual work was a workshop lead by PhD student and choreographer Diego Gil in collaboration with artist Ramona Benveniste. The workshop experimented with techniques to give dynamic shapes to attention through the exploration of physiological systems of the body. The main question of the workshop was how to sketch a cartography of physical attention that could be used prior to conceptual work, such as reading and writing.

The somatic techniques were influenced by the practice of Body Mind Centering – a dance training and therapeutic technique founded by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen- approached with a perspective on process philosophy and assisted by the architectural clothes designed by Ramona Benveniste.
The play with somatic techniques, concepts, drawings and objects seeded the grow of different qualities of experience that when laid out in the plane of composition of the studio, their relations composed a felt-thought cartography across body and environment, that proposed a corporeal approach to study.

The somatic warm up for conceptual work sketched a platform for research creation that investigated the knowledge production happening at pre linguistic affective movements that surround bodies. Some of the techniques experimented in this workshop fed the design of the “Cartographies of the Immediate workshop” that took place in December 2015 in Berlin. This was an event in collaboration with Tanzfabrik dance performance production house, HZT BA in choreography (Berlin) and the Sense Lab European Hub.