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Into the Midst (October 22, 2012)

Society for Arts and Technology 
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A SenseLab Proposition

1. There is a field
2. There is a waiting
3. Step (up) Step (in) Step (out)
4. Wait longer
5. Attend Deflect

We would like to invite you to join us for a conversation capping a week of improvisational research-creation activities in and around the SATosphere, the large-scale interactive immersive environment at the Society for Arts and Technology. The aim has been to collaboratively explore the potentials and pitfalls of the digital environment. How can we activate the projection space, so as to reactivate the body, in its many experiential dimensions? How can a surround surface be made to house a field of embodied relation? How do we negotiate the complicated relation of the limited-access technology inside to its urban surroundings?

You are welcome to join us any time from 9-5 on Monday as we continue our collaborative explorations, and/or from 5-7pm for the concluding conversation.

‘Into the Midst’ at SAT, video courtesy of Hannah Buck

More details: > view daily activities and schedule

Into the Midst is a five-day collaborative research-creation workshop in the SATosphere, the Society for Art and Technology’s interactive immersive projection environment. The  workshop will feature hands-on experimentation toward exploring the potential for this environment to host the emergence of new forms of experience. The experimentation will  be accompanied by explorations in the philosophy of experience aimed at fashioning a vocabulary adequate to the emergent immersive potential. Key issues the workshop will address are: how interactive live movement within the space can modulate the experience of the projected space (and vice versa) in ways that alter habitual modes of perception; how the relationship between inside and outside spaces might be modulated, using the SAT building and its immediate urban surroundings as raw material; how frustrations of expectations regarding the responsiveness of interactive systems might lead, positively, to new qualities of aesthetic experience. The workshop will be preceded by group discussions and preparatory work using online collaborative tools. The results of the workshop will be presented performatively to the pubic in the SATosphere. The workshop is collectively led and organized by the the SenseLab network.

Videos from Into the Midst | Immersion ♒ Emergent, an event that took place at SAT‘s DOME space.

All videos courtesy of Hannah Buck. Details and descriptions coming soon….



Images of the Event may be viewed via Inflexions 

Field Research for the Event:

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