‘Diversity in Diversity’ launch, Sept. 5 at 19h30 @ SenseLab

‘Diversity in Diversity’ launch,  Sept. 5 at 19h30 @ SenseLab

Please join us Wednesay Sept. 5 at 19h30 for the launch of our first Minor Inflexion ‘Diversity in Diversity’ for a SpLaSh with Spazze – at SenseLab.


“Because even autistics, who are most definitely neurodivergent, are diverse in an infinity of ways that expand from the neurological. This is why I use the adjective neurodiverse – to remind us that we need a concept for a diversity within diversity that isn’t measured by the standard of typicality. A diversity in diversity is one that senses fully and differentially, that lives and participates in a world still defining itself according to measures not yet in place. It includes populations historically excluded from the matrix of the human, neurodiverse life, DeafBlind life, black life, indigenous life, feminist life, trans life. It includes modes of life-living that exceed the human, that feel the more-than human world not as other but as with.” — 

A kind of kaleidoscopic and spectral-optic experience of the issue will be SpLaShed across spazze using projectors, live coding, and the myriad of creature-esque contours and refracting surfaces in Spazze. Differentiating wayZ of exploring the web issue (by participants both on-site and via skype) will enjoy an expanded field for surprise and play. ~ ~ Feel free to bring/gift a back-pocket-sized mirror/reflective surface of some capacity to the event.


1515 Sainte-Catherine west street (E.V. building) – Room 10-785