Minor Movements Begin!

read more event details here Minor movements are not ours to make so much as ours to attune to:   *see event listing Minor movements are not ours to make so much as ours to attune to –      A curatorial process for the activation of minor movements requires an attunement to the conditions that select for artfulness –  An attunement to artfulness opens the work to its more-than –      The more-than is what is curated –      An environment is activated, an enlivening of an ecology...

Reading Group – July 19 4:30

Hi everyone! We will finish Glissant on July 19 at 4:30 EST. We are reading the section called Poetics, pp. 131-182 in the English version, and Poetics pp. 183 and pp.197 in the French version.

Reading Group – May 23, 4:30pm

We will continue reading Poetics of Relation by Edouard Glissant thursday May 23rd. We are reading the section called Theories, pp. 131-182 in the English version, and Théories, pp.149-194 in the French version.

Stirring the Pot with Noa Haran and Mali Ka, December 11th, 2-4pm

Please join us for a Stirring the Pot session on sound/listening experimentation with Noa Haran and Mali Ka at the SenseLab on Tuesday, December 11 at 2 pm. 2pm: Noa Haran will lead a workshop around the idea of ‘modes of listening’, an invitation to explore them together through vocal improvisation – previous experience in vocal improvisation is not required! A ‘mode of listening’ is a perceptual state of the listener when they focus their attention on certain aspects or details of the sounds or consciously assuming a specific context or intention to the sound. For example, we can decide to listen to a certain sound as if it speech, or focus our attention only on the production of a sound; to the air and pressure involved in it. In free improvisation, modes of listening can be practiced together and then be reflected in the music that we are making. By putting the focus on “how do we listen” rather than “what do we sing/play” we may find it easier to tune in to each other on the one hand, and stay open and inclusive toward any kind of sound on the other. Noa Haran is a vocalist and composer based in Montreal, originally from Jerusalem, Israel. Beside holding a M.MUS is composition from McGill University, she has been involved for many years in the scene of vocal improvisation. She is a co-founder and member of ABRA – a vocal performance quartet, who performed at a diverse range of venues in Israel and Europe, released an album and gained recognition both in the new music and contemporary performance scenes....

Schizo-somatics: The Social Protocol and the Body Derivative, December 5th, 5-7pm

The Social Protocol and the Body Derivative Can we ever escape the problem of governance? Economy and governance, as it has been noted in different ways, are the two sides of the same token. From the Undercommons, we have learned that governance was a form of expropriation, a provocation into display: display of interests, of legibility, of convertibility into value. But for those who have been experimenting with blockchain-based alternatives (schizo)economies, it is perhaps necessary to recognize that “governance is not a dirty word, but rather one that is internal to the logic and protocols of self-organization” (Lovink and Rossiter, Organizations after Social Media). This workshop is about collectively exploring this enduring, body derivative tension. It is the second iteration of the “Schizo-somatic workshop for an Extra-Economical Body” series, facilitated by Erik Bordeleau and Diego Gil (with the participation of Csenge Kolozsvari, Joel E. Mason, Mariana Marcassa and André Fogliano). *** To what are we dedicated if not to those problems which demand the very transformation of our body and our language?” (Deleuze, Difference and...