An exerpt from “Archiving the City” (April 8, 4pm)

In conversation with New York artist and researcher Adeola Enigbokan. An exerpt from “Archiving the City”:

“When my friends in New York ask me how I am doing in Moscow, through grainy Skype windows, I answer: I feel like a unicorn, a black unicorn, a mythical creature, every time I leave the house. I must move slowly and carefully, and learn not to balk when the people reach out to touch my hair. Walking in Moscow feels more like an artistic performance, than simple urban locomotion. I am aware of being onstage, of the arresting nature of some character, created by the city around me, and projected on to my physical being. This projection is strong, alive and has absolutely nothing to do with me, and yet it hovers around me like a force field, defining the parameters of my experience of the city. ”

Hope to see many of you!