Adventure Capital reading group – starting Feb 2, 4pm @SenseLab

Hi everyone,
we have the beautiful opportunity of some undergraduate students joining us for an internship around Adventure Capital. To those ends, we are organizing a little 4-week reading group. We would love you to come as well – some of the texts will be familiar, but as Brian and I will be away it would be great to have your input for their re-reading! The reading group will take place at SenseLab, dates to be negotiated below! It will start this week. The Skype for the reading group will be:
1. Brian Massumi, “Ideology and Escape,” from Politics of Affect pp 83-111 [this text will introduce the concept of affect and orient politics toward a Foucauldian reading of power, introducing them to the concept of value as we’ve been approaching it]
2. Brian Massumi, “Capital Moves,” from The Principle of Unrest pp. 1-57 [this text will orient toward the question of the collective, with specific references to Adventure Capital and the work SenseLab is doing]
3. Elie Ayache, “In the Middle of the Event,” from The Medium of Contingency pp. 19-35 [Ayache is a trader who has turned to philosophy. His perspectives on the market, especially in the context of the concepts of time and the event, are very interesting]
4. Erin Manning, “What Things Do When They Shape  Each Other – The Way of the Anarchive” (forthcoming) pp. 1-20. Adventure Capital will be constructed as an anarchive, a concept SenseLab has been developing to articulate the anarchic share that builds on but departs from the archive. This text will consolidate the concept of the anarchive in relation to Whitehead’s concept of value.