3 Ecologies Institute

What it is

a collaborative learning environment
dedicated to participatory experimentation

where concept-making meets embodied creative practice

Where it begins

with the premise that concepts must be experienced: they are lived

Where it moves

between philosophy – understood as the creation of concepts in language and art – understood as

the choreography of concepts in movement and the sculpting of thought in materials

What moves it

bringing art and philosophy actively together
at critical points where the three ecologies intersect

heralding emergent modes of life, pre guring new forms of value


Who it addresses

• all those, of any age and any level of formal education, neurodiverse or neurotypical, inside or outside established institutions of learning, who wish to join with others to pursue learning as a life-long process of social engagement

• students and teachers in higher education looking for
a transdisciplinary milieu to supplement their disciplinary studies, and interested in exploratory techniques to expand the horizon of their existing methods

• creative practitioners and cultural workers wishing to renew their thinking and rethink their practice in active dialogue with others

• community workers and activists wishing to explore the connections between their particular domain of practice and the larger ecological eld of powers and potentials



> relation > collaboration > research-creation > neurodiversity >sustainability >conviviality



3 Ecologies Process Seed Bank  

The 3E Process Seed Bank will serve as the “creative process engine” for the 3 Ecologies Institute alter-university project. The aim is to develop a self-sustaining micro-economy of abundance and affective intensity. Technically, the Process Seed Bank will take the form a post-blockchain « distributed autonomous organization » (DAO) designed to operate in consonance with the SenseLab’s ethos of collaborative exploration fostering emergent collectivity. The 3E Process Seed Bank will combine a platform for creative collaboration at the intersection of art, philosophy, and activism with a non-transactional economy embodying a non-capitalist notion of value, while at the same being capable of interfacing with the dominant economy via participation in a cooperative ecosystem of alternative cryptocurrency-based economic spaces currently under development by the Economic Space Agency (ECSA, http://ecsa.io). The concept of the « anarchive » developed by the SenseLab’s « Immediations » project ((link to anarchive materials)) will lie at the heart of the project.  read more here